Hamptons Style 4 x 2 Bed Unit Render, SDA Property in Seven Hills

  • Posted by: Eric Strand
NDIS SDA Housing

Renderings were made of the front of our 4 x 2 bed units in Seven Hills and Norman Park. The rendering provide the modern appeal of the housing with no exterior indication that they’re an SDA property. It’s a beautiful looking home.

Ground and First Floor

NDIS Floor Plan (2 Level)

Ground Floor with Lower Level Masked

NDIS First Floor Masked

Exterior Front and Side Renders

NDIS SDA Housing

NDIS SDA Housing

NDIS SDA Housing

Author: Eric Strand
Eric Strand is the CEO of Wholesale Property Group, and manages the NDIS Property arm of the business. Building wealth for his clients through NDIS investments, and housing those in need, is one of Eric's primary passions.

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