Who is NDIS Property?

NDIS Property is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wholesale Property Group. We feel that the NDIS opportunities provide an opportunity for ethical investing with strong, government funded returns. The team at WPG and NDIS Property work relentlessly to ensure only the best of opportunities are presented to our clients, and we’re happy to be partnered with extraordinary builders that invest themselves into constructing only the finest residential properties knowing that they’ll be relied upon by their occupants.  As specialised properties the NDIS entry cost is typically a little higher than traditional residential properties. As such, valuing the property is a challenge the banks haven’t necessarily caught up with. However, Wholesale Property Group, through our strategic finance partners are able to manage your borrowing and provide excellent lending options. We’re able to guide you from your first inquiry all the way through to managed occupancy.


The NDIA, or National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA,) is backed by legislation that requires agreement from all States and Territories before any changes are made. The NDIS is a national initiative backed by the Federal Government.


To encourage investment in SDA Property, the NDIA provides a generous rental subsidy. This scale of this building project can not be over stated and has been slated as the largest social housing building program Australia has ever seen.


The Government has committed $700m annually for payments to SDA property investors a year, indexed for the next 20 years. This commitment at the Federal level gives investors peace of mind, confidence, and investment security.

Eric and Andrea Strand represent two of the most progressive minds in the property and finance market. Their experience as property coaches, wealth-creation experts, and business managers is difficult to match.

Eric and Andrea Strand
Wholesale Property Group
NDIS Property Investments